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New York, NY— June 14, 2024 — Throughout X-Men history, there’s always a need for a team of formidable mutants willing to cross the lines no one else dares to—X-FORCE! The upcoming From the Ashes era is no different, only this time, X-Force’s mission will be bigger than ever before as Forge assembles a squad tasked with saving a world on the brink of total collapse. Written by acclaimed screenwriter Geoffrey Thorne and drawn by kinetic X-Men artist Marcus To, the new run of X-FORCE kicks off on July 31 and today, fans can check out all the covers that will grace the highly anticipated debut issue.

Accessing an omega-level degree of his unique and complex mutant power to build anything, FORGE bears witness to a devastating truth: The world is broken, and only he can see how to fix it! Forge will lead a custom-made, handpicked team of mutants—RACHEL SUMMERSBETSY BRADDOCKSAGESURGE, and TANK—in off-the-books missions so dire, so integral to the fate of the Marvel Universe, there’s no time to stop for permission! Plus, as Forge detects increasing threats across the planet, he’ll recruit specialists for each target. It’s a revolving door of Marvel guest stars and first up: that regenerating degenerate, DEADPOOL! Be there for an X-Force like you’ve never seen before, stick around to see who joins, who lives, who dies and uncover the mystery of Forge’s shocking discoveries.

X-FORCE #1’s covers include exciting images of the team by industry superstars like Stephen Segovia, Tony Daniel, Skottie Young, and Mahmud Asrar, along with the first of a series of character spotlight covers by iconic X-Force artist Clayton Crain. And like many of Marvel’s major launches, X-FORCE #1 will shine on stands with a Foil Variant Cover! Featuring the first issue’s guest-star, Deadpool, this Foil Cover is drawn by best-selling cover artist David Yakanama. The Merc with a mouth is also featured on a special Marvel’s Stormbreakers Variant Cover by Chris Allen. A Logo Variant Cover is also available.

In an interview with ComicBook.com, who also shared an exclusive first look, Thorne said, “I want [readers] to have the same kind of fun we’re having taking these crazy mutants in directions they’ve not gone before. We’re trying to provide a rollercoaster ride so occasional screams of delight as the story unfolds would not be unwelcome.”

Check out the covers plus To’s new costume designs and preorder X-FORCE #1 at your local comic shop today! For more information, visit Marvel.com.

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