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LOS ANGELES 06/27/2024 — In celebration of Yo Joe June, today Skybound and Image Comics, in collaboration with leading toy and game company Hasbro, announced the debut of all-new ongoing series G.I. JOE #1 from the superstar creative team of writer Joshua Williamson (DukeCobra Commander), artist Tom Reilly (Duke) and colorist Jordie Bellaire (W0rldtr33). The biggest comic book launch of the decade will introduce a bold new vision of G.I. JOE and Cobra to the Energon Universe on Wednesday, November 13. 

Conrad Hauser, Codename DUKE, has assembled a special force known as G.I. Joe to battle the rising power of the mysterious COBRA in the aftermath of the Autobots and Decepticons’ arrival on Earth. But the enigmatic Cobra Commander has unleashed the power of Energon like never before! 

Featuring the First Appearance of an ALL-NEW character and many familiar faces, this is the comic that will change everything you think you know about G.I. JOE…and that’s only half the surprises in store! 

“Finally! The team is together! The response to the mini-series that led to this moment has been phenomenal, it’s been exciting to see lifelong fans of the iconic series and new readers come together to support G.I. JOE in the Energon Universe,” said Joshua Williamson. “What has come before was just a glimpse into the massive world full of action and drama that we’re bringing with the new ongoing series. Now it’s time to amp up the story as newly formed G.I. Joe and Cobra meet for the first time! Our first issue rocks the Energon Universe in major ways with big moments we’ve been dying to unleash. Tom and Jordie are killing it and bringing the heat with every page. You do not want to miss G.I. JOE #1. Yo Joe!” 

“I’m very excited to return to the Energon Universe with my DUKE squad mates, Josh and Jordie. It’s not every day you get to help build something this big, let alone with some of the best talent the industry has to offer,” added Tom Reilly. “To be asked to continue building with them is a challenge that I happily accept. We’re going to bring you G.I. JOE like you’ve never seen them before, so get ready for a wild ride! ” 

“All the hard work, planning and world building has led to this momentous launch,” said Ben Abernathy, Executive Editor at Skybound. “Joshua, Tom, and Jordie have crafted a senses-shattering first issue that will reward loyal Energon Universe fans with an amazing debut but have also managed to make it a perfect jumping on point for new readers.” 

“I love it when a plan comes together. With the foundation laid, Skybound is primed to expand the Energon Universe with an ongoing G.I. JOE series,” added Robert Kirkman. “DukeCobra CommanderScarlett and Destro have been mere teases of what we have in store. Now Josh, Tom and crew are bringing us a new vision of these beloved characters that will stand next to TRANSFORMERS and Void Rivals as the cornerstones of the Energon Universe!” 

The all-new series will become another tentpole of the Energon Universe, the crown jewel of the historic collaboration between Hasbro and Skybound, who has introduced a brand-new era of the TRANSFORMERS and G.I. JOE franchises in one shared comic book universe. Energon Universe titles include the ongoing series Void Rivals by writer Robert Kirkman (Invincible, The Walking Dead), artist Lorenzo De Felici (Kroma), and colorist Patricio Delpeche (The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country) and TRANSFORMERS by writer Daniel Warren Johnson (ExtremityDo a Powerbomb), artist Jorge Corona (Middlewest), and colorist Mike Spicer (Stillwater, Murder Falcon). The Energon Universe also includes G.I. JOE miniseries Duke, from Joshua Williamson , Tom Reilly and Jordie Bellaire ; Cobra Commander from Joshua Williamson, Andrea Milana (Impact Winter: Rook) and Annalisa Leoni (Oblivion Song); Scarlettfrom writer Kelly Thompson (Black Widow, Birds of Prey), artist Marco Ferrari (Frontiersman), and colorist Lee Loughridge (I Hate This Place, Killadelphia); and Destrofrom writer Dan Watters (Loki, Universal Monsters: Creature from the Black Lagoon Lives!), artist Andrei Bressan (Dark Ride, Birthright), and colorist Adriano Lucas (Dark Ride, Birthright), which introduce the iconic characters of the G.I. JOE and Cobra factions to the Energon Universe. Fans should expect can’t-miss moments from every issue of the Energon Universe, as secrets are unveiled along the path to answering the BIG questions from some of the biggest franchises in comics today. 

G.I. JOE #1 will be available at comic book shops and digital platforms including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, comiXology, and Google Play on Wednesday, November 13, 2024. 

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