5 Geeky Deals to Help You Cope With the Holidays

Thanksgiving and Black Friday (it’s a weekend now?) are over and we have all had a taste of our crazy families and crazy sales. With that over and done with, we can now move on to look forward to the holidays…which leads us to more time dealing with our crazy families…and more crazy sales.

Because today is Cyber Monday I thought I would bring you all a short list of awesome deals to help the nerds in our lives (or ourselves) escape from the anxiety provoking days to come.

1. Steam Autumn Sale


(Image via Steam)

For your gamer friends, the Steam Autumn Sale is going on until tomorrow, with new deals every day. There’s a little something for everyone, with many popular games dropping in price by 60%. The Skyrim Legendary Edition is only $35.99 and Civilization 5 is $7.49.

Personally, I’ve been playing Borderlands 2 like crazy with my roommate, and wanted to make sure my fiance could join in on the fun. So I bought it for her for Hannukah ($7.49)….and the DLC for myself for dirt cheap.

Playing games is a great way to escape into another reality…one in which the holidays may not exist. Yay Steam Sale!

2. Comixology


(Image via Comixology)

Comic loving geeks will love this deal, especially if they are of the DC fan variety! Comixology brought us comics on our phones and tablets, so of course they would get in on the Cyber Monday train! Their deal for the day is New 52 graphic novels collections for $4.99. I may have to take this time to get into Superman or catch up on some Batman lore.

I wonder how they would deal with being trampled at a Black Friday Sale…

3. Legend of Korra Blu-ray


(Image via Amazon)

Amazon has had some amazing deals for Black Friday, and they’re keeping it steady with Cyber Monday. Just shop around for a bit if you’re looking for ideas. The one thing I wanted to bring your attention is the Legend of Korra Book One Blu-ray set.

I was upset when I missed out on the premiere of the show, so I was excited to see that I now have a chance to catch up…for under $20! Bam! That went on my Amazon wishlist fast.

I love to binge watch shows in order to distract myself from anxiety provoking things. Dealing with others’ problems can help you relax…and become more ready to tackle your own.

4. X-Box Live Gold Membership

Larger Front

(Image via Best Buy)

Normally a year X-Box Live subscription costs $79.99. Best Buy has dropped the price for Cyber Monday to $59.99, making it that much easier to play online with friends, or call strangers names. Better you fight with them, than your family, right?

5. iBUYPOWER Desktop and Laptop Deals


(Image via iBUYPOWER)

iBUYPOWER makes some insanely good gaming towers and laptops. I used to have a desktop, which lasted me until I didn’t have room for it anymore. It was easily upgradable, and high powered.

Currently, I use one of their laptops (which I am using to write this post!) and I’m glad I chose them. I can handle most games at high quality, and the ones I can’t still look beautiful. On top of that, many of their models include features such as a fingerprint scanner.

What does this have to do with deals? On any given day, they have great deals (my laptop came with a free memory upgrade, laptop case, gaming mouse, and gaming headset). For Cyber Monday, I feel as though they’ve pulled out the stops.

Many models are at reduced price, but the free upgrades are killer. Upgrade a 1 terrabyte hard drive to 2 terrabytes for free. Free gaming headset. Free upgrade to Blu-ray reader from a DVDRW drive. Oh, and did I mention free shipping on laptops?

Hopefully your friends and family will understand not seeing you for a month because of your new toy.

The holidays can be tricky. They bring out the best and the worst of us. Luckily, nerds have plenty of outlets to distract themselves. I hope this list helps you find something new to use to de-stress.

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