Coping with Games?

Ok…so this week is most definitely a shameless plug. The end of the semester is upon me, therefore…final projects are in season. And I have one I need some serious help with.

I know, I know…I suck you in with a title that makes you think I’m posting about a study I found…then I ask you for something. But here’s the fun part! I need help running a study on coping and video games!


(Image via The Telegraph)

It’s a simple 20 question survey for me to explore survey building and data analysis. It’s not a real research study…and its results won’t be published anywhere…other than maybe this blog. For my clinician readers…don’t judge my survey design skills. This is my first go around.

When I was given the assignment, I knew I wanted to create a survey having to do with geek therapy. I know I use video games to cope a lot, so I figured I would see how many others do too.

You can find my Qualtrics survey here. I would really appreciate some help with this project…it will only take you a few minutes, and you’d be helping out a stressed out grad student! I only need 10 responses, but more would be great!

I can’t promise how valid my results will be. Or that the survey doesn’t suck. Or that you won’t be eaten by zombies.


(Image via Trender Bender)

But I can promise that I will be grateful, and that I will have more time for better blog posts…that aren’t shameless plugs.

If you missed the link earlier, here’s the url: https://hnu.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_4NNsAAVPoCBfw8t

Thanks everyone!

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