A Riveting Return: Les Misérables at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre

Author: Travis Hayward

The Hollywood Pantages Theatre has once again transformed into a mesmerizing realm of revolutionary fervor and human resilience as it hosts the current US touring production of Les Misérables. This iconic and timeless musical, brought to life by an incredibly talented ensemble cast, takes the audience on an emotional journey through the heart-wrenching struggles and triumphs of 19th-century France. With its evocative set design, stirring musical score, and cast that delivers performances of unmatched passion, this production stands as a must-see theatrical experience that captures the essence of Victor Hugo’s classic novel.

Leading the ensemble with exceptional prowess, Nick Cartell embodies the complex protagonist, Jean Valjean. His portrayal masterfully captures the character’s transformation from an embittered ex-convict to a compassionate and noble man, delivering powerhouse vocals that soar through the theater. Preston Truman Boyd’s portrayal of the relentless Inspector Javert provides a compelling counterpoint, showcasing his unwavering pursuit of justice and his internal struggles with morality. Boyd’s commanding stage presence and resonant voice add depth to this pivotal character.

Haley Dortch’s portrayal of Fantine, the tragic mother forced into a life of despair, is heartrending and poignant. Her rendition of the iconic I Dreamed a Dream is a standout moment, evoking genuine empathy from the audience. Christine Heesun Hwang‘s portrayal of Eponine is equally noteworthy, infusing the character with a perfect blend of vulnerability and strength. Hwang’s performance of On My Own is a true emotional highlight, capturing the raw emotion of unrequited love.

Addie Morales exudes innocence and grace as Cosette, seamlessly transitioning from a sheltered upbringing to experiencing love and freedom. Gregory Lee Rodriguez as Marius Pontmercy delivers a charming and emotionally resonant performance, particularly in his heartfelt duet with Morales, A Heart Full of Love. Devin Archer commands the stage as the charismatic leader Enjolras, rallying the ensemble in the stirring anthem of rebellion, Do You Hear the People Sing?

The comedic duo of Matt Crowle as Thénardier and Christina Rose Hall as Madame Thénardier provide much-needed levity amidst the prevailing darkness. Crowle’s impeccable timing and Hall’s witty delivery create a delightful balance between humor and tragedy. Their performance of Master of the House is a standout comedic number that leaves the audience in stitches.

The young talents in the production also shine brightly. Vivian Atencio and Cora Jane Messer alternate the roles of Young Cosette and Young Éponine, capturing the innocence and vulnerability of their characters. Henry Kirk and Milo Maharlika, who share the role of Gavroche, infuse the production with youthful energy and spunk, contributing to the overall authenticity of the portrayal.

Under the direction of acclaimed West End and Broadway director Laurence Connor, the production’s set design seamlessly transports the audience to the grimy streets of Paris, with towering barricades and evocative projections setting the stage for the characters’ tumultuous journeys. The lighting design effectively captures the narrative’s mood shifts, from the sewers’ somber depths to the revolution’s fiery passion.

The orchestra, under the musical direction of Brian Eads, brings Claude-Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil’s iconic score to life with precision and emotion. Familiar tunes such as One Day More and Empty Chairs at Empty Tables resonate with renewed vigor, eliciting chills and heartache.

The current US touring production of Les Misérables at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre is a tour de force of theatrical excellence. With a cast that radiates passion and authenticity, a breathtaking set design, and a musical score that tugs at the heartstrings, this production captures the essence of the human spirit’s enduring struggle for freedom, love, and redemption. Whether you’re a devoted fan of the novel or experiencing Les Misérables for the first time, this production is an unforgettable theatrical experience that will inspire you.

Don’t miss the opportunity if you haven’t seen Les Misérables at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre. Book your tickets today and witness a theatrical masterpiece that stands the test of time.

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