A Night Under the Stars: Cosmopolitan’s Rooftop Cinema

Author: Tia Brisco

Las Vegas: it’s where neon lights gleam and stars shine… and not just the ones in the sky. On one particularly delightful Monday evening, I found myself at the Boulevard Pool at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, relishing in a unique blend of old-school nostalgia and contemporary chic, all while watching The Parent Trap.

The concept was simple yet captivating: the marquee at the Boulevard Pool metamorphosed into a massive movie screen, making film enthusiasts like me feel on top of the world (or at least the Strip). The 1998 classic featuring Lindsay Lohan, Dennis Quaid, and Natasha Richardson – directed by Nancy Meyers – took me on a delightful roller coaster of emotions. Reminiscent of simpler times, I reveled in the story of identical twins Annie and Hallie as they orchestrated a grand plan to reunite their separated parents.

For those unfamiliar, the Dive-In Movies at The Cosmopolitan run throughout the summer, with a variety of cinematic delights lined up until September 11, 2023. The choice of Mondays, as I learned, was strategic. They aimed to attract locals yet cater to families and individuals in search of a low-key evening activity.

A word to the wise: if you decide to indulge in this experience, get there early! About 15 minutes before the movie’s commencement, I scrambled to find a prime viewing spot. While I did manage to secure a comfy lounge chair, arriving 30 minutes to an hour in advance would ensure a relaxed experience. Navigating the parking scenario, securing a tasty treat (chips and guac, in my case), and getting that perfect spot will all be easier with a little buffer time.

Speaking of refreshments, outside food and drinks are a no-go. But fret not! The on-site offerings are both delectable and reasonably priced. I indulged in a Shirley Temple, offering a sweet, bubbly contrast to my savory snack.

While watching The Parent Trap, one aspect stood out to me: the communal energy. As scenes played out, familiar lines echoed around me. Many attendees, possibly around my age, joyfully recited memorable quotes. This shared love for the film warmed my heart and intensified the atmosphere’s magic.

A highlight? The environment’s flexibility. You can dive into the pool, lounge by its side, or, for a premium experience, rent a cabana. And the quality? Top-notch! The audio-visual elements were well-balanced, ensuring everyone could enjoy the movie without any hiccups.

Perhaps the best part was realizing I wasn’t the only solo attendee. In a world where doing things alone often gets side-eyed, this felt liberating. The Dive-In experience offers a refreshing take, letting everyone – solo or in groups – immerse in cinematic joy without the usual awkwardness.

Concluding my evening under the starry Vegas sky, I felt gratitude. Gratitude for such a unique experience that reminds us of the simple pleasures in life: a good movie, a relaxing environment, and shared memories. And if you’re interested in making some memories of your own, check out the details here.

Planning to embark on a cinematic adventure at The Cosmopolitan? Or perhaps you’ve already been? Share your experiences and film favorites below!

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