Archie’s epic battle concludes!

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The Archie Premium Event label launches with ARCHIE COMICS: JUDGMENT DAY, a mind-bending horror limited series by Aubrey Sitterson and Megan Hutchison that pushes Archie to new heights of longer-format storytelling, in high-end collectible print comics with premium paper and cardstock covers made especially for comic shops and fans. 

In the ferocious final issue releasing July 31, Archie’s war on the demons who have overrun Riverdale in the End of Days has taken its toll, as his bond with the demon Alistair has given him power at a great cost. It’s finally time for Archie to decide—will he give himself over fully to Alistair, or retain the parts of himself that make him Archie? 

“This is it, the end of the end!” said Archie Comics Senior Director of Editorial Jamie L. Rotante. “Archie’s harrowing journey as the arbiter of justice comes to its shocking conclusion–and trust me when I say you won’t believe your eyes. As Archie fights demons to save humanity, he starts to lose more and more of his own. The question remains: who will save Archie? These gorgeous covers from Megan Hutchison, Francesco Francavilla, Reiko Murakami, and Luana Vecchio all perfectly showcase a broken Archie, a teen broken down and consumed by his mission.”

“What has always made Archie special to me was the characters and their distinct designs and identities,” Sitterson added. “I think that’s long been the appeal of Archie, that someone can pick up a book and, within a few pages, understand all they need to know about the world. The fact that Archie and the gang aren’t just characters but something deeper, archetypes, makes working on a book like JUDGMENT DAY all the more rewarding, as we have more than 80 years of expectations to rebel against and subvert.”

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