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New York, NY— May 22, 2024 — By now, readers have had the chance to fully sink their teeth into BLOOD HUNT! The bloodiest crossover event in Marvel history is packed with exciting tie-ins including BLOOD HUNTERS, a four-issue tie-in anthology series that brings together an eclectic group of heroes to face the vampire invasion that’s spread to every corner of the Marvel Universe. Written by Erica Schultz and drawn by Bernard Chang, BLOOD HUNTERS #1 quickly scored a Second Printing, and in August, the new team will headline their own follow-up five-issue BLOOD HUNTERS limited series written by Schultz and artist Robert Gill!

Led by Dagger, BLOOD HUNTERS will include three other beloved heroines, each of whom have risen to icon status in recent years: expert monster hunter Elsa Bloodstone, deadly spy White Widow, and new Spider-Man baddie Hallows’ Eve! The eternal night might come to an end, but the hunt is just beginning. The vampiric hordes need to be dealt with more than ever, especially the newly turned…

Marvel’s newest team takes to the streets to clean up the aftermath of BLOOD HUNT – namely, hunting down the remaining vampires who threaten to spill innocent blood, including the deadly super-vamps known as the BLOODCOVEN! But when Miles Morales, A.K.A. Spider-Man, gets caught in the crosshairs…need we say it?! THERE WILL BE BLOOD!

“It’s very exciting to work on BLOOD HUNTERS with Robert Gill and Rain Beredo,” Schultz shared. “The team Bernard Chang, Marcelo Maiolo, Joe Caramagna, and I put together in the BLOOD HUNTERS anthology series was just too good not to keep around. There’s action, bickering, and more coming your way!”

See the team on Ema Lupacchino’s cover and preorder BLOOD HUNTERS at your local comic shop today! For more information, visit Marvel.com.

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