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LOS ANGELES (April 15, 2024) – Euro Gang Entertainment, the entertainment company founded by Gianni Nunnari and Simon Horsman, announced today a partnership with #1 New York Times Bestselling author, doctor, and inventor of the medical mystery-thriller genre, Robin Cook. Euro Gang will develop and produce a feature film based on Cook’s latest book, Bellevue, to be published in December 2024 and a TV procedural series featuring two of Cook’s iconic characters: Jack Stapleton and Laurie Montgomery – the protagonists in 14 of his 41 bestselling novels.

Cook, who is one of the top 50 bestselling authors in the history of literature, began writing during his stint in the Navy. His book, Coma, reshaped the perception of medical doctors, creating a new genre of medical-mystery novels. An ophthalmologist as a practicing doctor, by some estimates Cook has sold over a staggering 400 million books, 37 novels of which have topped The New York Times best seller list.  

His longest running characters, Jack Stapleton and Laurie Montgomery are medical examiners working in the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in New York City who see the worst of crimes committed in the city. First as colleagues, and later as husband and wife, they venture beyond their medical duties, becoming amateur detectives, solving crimes ahead of, and sometimes despite, law enforcement. Their marriage is shaken when Laurie becomes Jack’s boss, the Chief Medical Examiner, and Jack’s flagrant disregard for authority is now Laurie’s problem to handle.

Euro Gang’s feature film will center on Cook’s soon-to-be released novel, Bellevue, a 

a dark and atmospheric horror novel, a departure for Cook. Bellevue tells the story of Mitt, a first-year surgical resident at Bellevue Hospital, New York City. Mitt has a long and dark family history: his physicians’ forebears are guilty of grievous sins, extreme instances of medical malpractice committed at the very hospital where he now studies. Set against the gloom of supernatural haunting, and amidst gruesomely accurate surgical imagery, Bellevue is the story of supernatural vengeance for the sins of Mitt’s ancestors. 

“I am looking forward with great anticipation and excitement to be working with Euro Gang to bring some of my books to the screen for two main reasons: first and foremost, it’s because of the quality, integrity, and impressive number of the projects the two main principals have produced in the past, and secondly because they obviously ‘get things done’, which is not a ‘given’ in the world of Hollywood.”

“We enjoy a great friendship with Robin and are huge fans of his books, and I doubt we will ever work with another author who has sold more of them!” said Nunnari and Horsman. “We can’t wait to bring Jack and Laurie to a global audience as a medical / crime procedural, and Bellevue, a feature film, as a cerebral supernatural thriller.”           

Euro Gang Entertainment recently announced a three picture and series deal with Marco Kreuzpaintner (Those About To Die), and a TV-series and a feature deal with Italy’s Alfred Film. The company was founded last year to develop, finance, and produce feature films, scripted and unscripted television series, stage productions and other live events. The company has over 30 projects in active development across most genres, formats, and budget ranges, from a Broadway play, to sub-$10 million independent features, to tent-pole studio films. The company is affiliated with Hollywood Gang Productions, which will continue to develop and service legacy projects with the major Hollywood studios.

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