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PEACHTREE, GA (July 10, 2024) – A truly pioneering project, the latest Family Coppola Hideaway is The All-Movie Hotel, the first of its kind offering both hospitality and facilities needed to make films on any scale, from smaller independent movies to larger-budget endeavors, as well as a destination for film fans interested in the magic of moviemaking. Legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola completed post production of his latest epic film, MEGALOPOLIS, on-site at the hotel’s location in Peachtree City, a suburb of Atlanta, GA. 

Historically, Coppola is known for celebrating art and providing opportunities to artists. The creation of The All-Movie Hotel continues his commitment to these principles by providing a unique film hub in the town of Peachtree City, offering filmmakers a complete solution for their creative needs.  

“I envisioned The All-Movie Hotel to be a space where filmmakers could truly immerse themselves in the creative process, fostering a collaborative environment that inspires innovation,” Coppola said.

An idyllic location for guests wishing to enjoy the natural beauty of Peachtree City’s lakes and parks, The All-Movie Hotel is easily accessed by the famed 100+ miles of golf cart paths. The hotel is also 24 miles from Atlanta’s International airport, one mile from the regional airport (fbo) and 30 miles from the city of Atlanta. Film productions will appreciate the easy access to many studios, the closest being Trilith Studios just nine miles away.

Coppola opened his first hotel “Hideaway” 30 years ago in Belize, and his collection has since grown to seven, with two additional locations in Belize as well as Guatemala, Argentina, and Italy. The Family Coppola Hideaways’ The All-Movie Hotel is the first U.S. location and continues the Coppola family’s commitment to creating inviting, personal places that showcase the unique attributes of their locations. 

Highlights of what The All-Movie Hotel offers include:

  • 27 Luxurious suites and rooms designed personally by Francis Coppola
  • State-of-the-art post-production facilities – completely modular spaces including two edit suites with laser projection and Meyer Sound 2.1 monitoring, two edit bays, offices, ADR recording room, and a conference room.
  • Dedicated technical support staff
  • Screening room/Theater for private viewings/dailies screenings, editing, or 9.1.6 Atmos sound mixing with calibrated Meyer sound monitoring
  • An insert stage with 360∞ blue or black screen
  • A “Green Room” – a convivial space with a full kitchen for groups to share meals, break for an espresso, and celebrate post-production milestones. 
  • Swimming pool
  • Wardrobe fitting room
  • Gym

The All-Movie Hotel also allows easy access to the natural beauty of Peachtree City and a glimpse into the rapidly growing film industry in the greater Atlanta area. Guests can book Francis Ford Coppola’s personal suite of residence where he stayed during the making of MEGALOPOLIS, which stars Adam Driver, GianCarlo Esposito, Nathalie Emmanuel, Aubrey Plaza, Shia LaBeouf, Jon Voight, and Laurence Fishburne. The film opens worldwide on September 27.  

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