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PORTLAND, Ore. 07/10/2024 — The forthcoming August launch The Power Fantasy by bestselling, award winning writer Kieron Gillen (The Wicked + The Divine, Die, forthcoming We Called Them Giants) and creative powerhouse artist Caspar Wijngaard (Home Sick Pilots, All Against All) will boast a lineup of exciting covers, including 1:50 incentive variants by Rian Hughes—the start of a set of six which use a pantone inks to showcase the whole cast—and a 1:100 by Tula Lotay. A new Cover A by Wijngaard for the debut issue of this highly anticipated new series was unveiled exclusively by io9/Gizmodo yesterday.

“If you’ve got a master designer and artist as part of the team, it was only right to create a showcase for how he sees the team—bold, modernist and with the power of pantone,” said Gillen. “When he asked us if we could use pantone inks, how could we say no? Meanwhile Tula is an artist who I’ve always adored, and jump at any chance for her to do a cover on one of our books. You always know that she’s going to really do a showcase for the vulnerability and beauty of the cast, and she’s absolutely done that with Masumi (aka Deconstructa) our tragic heroine. I adore it.”

Of the new Cover A for the series’ debut issue, he added: “Our original cover leaned into the character drama of the book, but we realised it didn’t quite explain either the scale or the stakes of it. The Power Fantasy is unlike anything else on the shelves, and we wanted that first issue to make it clear. We’re here, and the stakes are everything.”

A daringly uncompromising new superhero hero epic, The Power Fantasy offers an edge-of-your seat read in which every character is a nuclear weapon on the brink of detonation… And the entire planet is on high alert.

It’s a world where “Superpowered” has a specific meaning. It’s reserved solely for those with the destructive potential of the nuclear arsenal of the most powerful nations on Earth. There are presently six superpowered beings, and the future of the planet is reliant on them never, ever coming into conflict.

The Power Fantasy #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, August 7:

  • Cover A by Wijngaard – Lunar Code 0624IM233
  • Cover B by Stephanie Hans – Lunar Code 0624IM234
  • Cover C 1:50 copy incentive by Hughes – Lunar Code 0624IM816
  • Cover D 1:100 copy incentive by Lotay – Lunar Code 0624IM817
  • Cover E Blank Sketch cover – Lunar Code 0624IM818

The Power Fantasy #2 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, September 11:

  • Cover A by Wijngaard – Lunar Code 0724IM376
  • Cover B by Sweeney Boo – Lunar Code 0724IM377
  • Cover C 1:50 copy incentive by Hughes

The Power Fantasy will also be available across many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play.

Early praise for The Power Fantasy:

“I can tell a couple pages into a book if it has legs—if the writing’s good, it the art is well done, and if it’s going to find an audience. However, when I got to end of the first issue of Power Fantasy I knew that I was looking at the better version of that. A book constructed with artfulness and nuance and a care that borders on being obsessive. This is a good one, folks, and it has my highest recommendation.” —Jonathan HickmanX-Men, The Black Monday Murders

“The jaw-dropping climax of the first issue takes an already great read and shoots this book into the stratosphere. An absolute must-read comic by two of the absolute best in the business.” —James Tynion IV, The Department of Truth, Something Is Killing The Children

“If you like your comics full of big ideas, laced with dark humor and the unnerving sense that the end of the world is just one family squabble away, this one’s for you.” —GamesRadar

“A rich and rewarding story about existential questions when super powered gods walk amongst us… In a world where nuclear war is still possible and war rages overseas, The Power Fantasy feels well-timed and apt.” —AIPT

“I got to read the first issue and it is, unsurprisingly, extraordinary. Infuriatingly so. A sleek narrative bullet that rides the slipstream of superhero expectations to arrive with a jarring impact, all parts of it working flawlessly together.” —Jed McKayMoon Knight, Avengers

“A phenomenal debut with everything you love about comics. Great story/art/letters/design & my favorite colors in a long while. The Power Fantasy is an epic that will blow the doors off comic shops.” —Gerry DugganX-Men

The Power Fantasy does for superhero comics what Saga did for Sci-fi. Features amazing characters, one hell of a crunchy hook & features career best art from Caspar. This is going to be the start of something BIG.” —Christian Ward

”It is just breathtaking, the story is incredible and the art is simply PHENOMENAL. Congratulations, guys, it is simply beautiful.” —Lucas WerneckImmortal X-Men

“Kieron sent over issue #1 of The Power Fantasy, and it’s incredible as expected. There’s a quiet confidence to this, the first chapter of what is clearly meant to be a novel in comics. And Caspar’s ascension to comics godhood continues apace.” —Aditya BidikarThe Department of Truth, Worldtr33

”I had the chance to read the first issue, and it’s amazing. The lore is deep and we want to know more, the characters are originals.” —Margaux SaltelLe Royaume d’Après, Star Wars Adventures

“If you’re missing WicDiv, this is the next album from one of those pop stars, like all the greats returning to the same themes but with added 2024. And Caspar rocks in a profoundly different way that will nevertheless resonate with you. This is the new Greatest Hits collection.”  —Paul CornellSaucer Country

“Just read this first issue again-and this is not a book to miss! Kieron and Caspar have united for the next banger take on modern superheroics, just as dynamic and provocative as the modern world that calls to us all.” —Steve OrlandoScarlet Witch

“You already know you should buy everything Kieron writes. You don’t need me to tell. But here’s a reminder.” —Joanne StarrerTotal Supplex of a Heart

“Great takes on superpowers are fairly common, but The Power Fantasy is something altogether more audacious and compelling: an ORIGINAL take..” —Alex PaknadelAll Against All, Carnage

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