NEW YORK, NY (June 12, 2024) – The Network, the free ad-supported premium streaming platform has announced this week that they have renewed The Green Veil for a second season. The series, from executive producers John Leguizamo and Aram Rappaport, was one of The Network’s debut titles that launched the platform on April 30th. The series has seen exponential growth in audiences more than doubling viewership week over week as new episodes dropped. Audiences were completely captivated with this new 22 minute episodic drama as 54% of all new users binge watched the entire season within 24 hours when it was available on May 21. From premiere to finale, more than 800,000 viewers watched the independent platform’s very first wholly original outing in just over a month. 

Season two will pick up 10-15 years later amidst the women’s rights movement and the occupation of Alcatraz by Native Americans in 1969. Additional details on the second season are yet to come but the cast including Leguizamo are set to return. 

The first season of The Green Veil was an 8 episode drama that follows a government agent (Leguizamo) in the 1950s tasked with an unraveling secret mission that threatens to expose deeper secrets. 

“Every step in the developmental process we were told this show wouldn’t work, and the subject matter wasn’t accessible to an audience that mattered – We are pleased to have proven every executive wrong and thrilled to have the opportunity to continue telling an important story from underrepresented perspectives.” – John Leguizamo   

Contending that U.S. audiences truly “love” only two pieces of content on any given streaming platform, the service will continue to deliver two new offerings at a time, nothing more. Along with season two of The Green Veil, The Network plans to release eight more originals over the next 18 months. The Network will neither license catalogs of old content nor build a library of filler to justify monthly subscription fees. The Network will not force viewers to fit inefficient and bloated streaming models; it is your home for original prestige programming that respects your time and taste. 

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