Mental Health Awareness Month 2017

By Josué

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, every year, and this year we made a few special podcast episodes to celebrate. We covered specific mental health topics across the network.

So here’s a look back at all of our Mental Health Awareness Month episodes:

– On Geek Therapy we discussed Talking About Mental Health and the indisputable fact that Therapists Are People Too.

– On PsychTech we covered technology and online behavior in the context of Sharing About Mental Health.

– On Headshots we talked about some of the ways we can combine Video Games and Therapy.

– We also launched a brand-new series we are calling the GT Roundtable, which will feature hosts from across all of our podcasts. On the first Roundtable, we discussed Suicide in Media.

– As a bonus, Jedi Counsel started a 5-part series on psychology and mental health myths. You can find the first episode here.

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