Ricky Gervais Launches New Podcast, Absolutely Mental, with Neuroscientist Sam Harris, Available Now

Author: Newsrom

In his latest podcast venture, “Absolutely Mental,” Golden Globe- and Emmy-Winning Actor, Director and Writer, Ricky Gervais, phones his favorite smart friend—neuroscientist and philosopher, Sam Harris—to ask some very important questions… and some not-so-important ones. Throughout this series, Gervais and Harris contemplate the wonders of science and the chaos of modern life—while having many good laughs. Some topics include: dreams, free will, death, the robot apocalypse, bears, the perils of celebrity, the future of comedy, etc.

All 11 episodes are available now on AbsolutelyMental.com for $14.99, and can be streamed on all podcast streaming platforms. 

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