Scrapper 2: A Journey of Resilience and Rebellion in a Dystopian World

Author: Greg Lozano

Scrapper 2 introduces a notable shift in its art style, thanks to the talents of Ryan Kelly and Jordie Bellaire, transitioning to a more semi-realistic tone. The color palette remains robust, with meticulous detailing evident in the backgrounds and secondary characters. The intricate line work, previously accentuated by tones, now shines through in character expressions.

This issue delves into the profound connection between Scrapper and Tank to their city. Instead of an overt exposition, the narrative emphasizes character interactions, offering a more organic understanding of their journey. A recurring yandere joke subtly resurfaces, hinting at Scrapper’s longstanding role as the city’s protector. Tank’s backstory unfolds, revealing his deep-rooted connections in the city’s underground, reminiscent of a noir protagonist’s intricate ties.

The narrative further unveils the extent of SMITE’s dominion over the city, introducing a plethora of intriguing characters that inhabit this world. Without giving away too much, it becomes evident that Scrapper’s ties to this entity are deeper than one might expect. The unfolding events pique my curiosity about the future of our heroes, and I eagerly anticipate the subsequent issues. Scrapper 2 is available now at a cover price of $3.99, making it a purchase well worth the investment.

Scrapper 2 delves deeper into the challenges faced by our canine hero. After the loss of his home and with SMITE’s stormtroopers relentlessly pursuing him, Scrapper’s journey becomes a thrilling chase across the city. His bond with Tank is further highlighted as they rally the city’s critters to aid in their escape.

The narrative brilliantly captures the essence of an underdog story, with Scrapper and Tank refusing to bow to the oppressive forces of SMITE. Cliff Bleszinski’s transition from game development to comic writing is seamless, and his collaboration with Alex De Campi crafts a tale that resonates with themes of resistance against overpowering corporate entities. The artistry of Kelly and Bellaire further enhances the story, painting a vivid picture of a dark, dystopian world and capturing the raw emotions of our protagonists.

In the midst of a world dominated by towering corporations and relentless pursuers, Scrapper 2 stands as a beacon of hope and resilience. The journey of Scrapper and Tank is not just a tale of survival but a testament to the indomitable spirit of friendship and the power of unity against overwhelming odds. As the pages turn and the story unfolds, readers are left with a lingering sense of anticipation and a yearning for more. The saga of Scrapper is far from over, and I, for one, am eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this captivating series. To all comic enthusiasts out there, this is a journey you won’t want to miss.

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