Scrapper: A Tale of Hope in a Dystopian World

Author: Greg Lozano

Upon my first reading of Scrapper, I felt compelled to understand its origins. It’s not every day that one encounters a narrative about a super-powered dog deeply connected to a dystopian world’s inhabitants, regardless of whether the creator is a renowned name in the gaming industry or a critically acclaimed music video director. Delving into the backstory, I was overwhelmed by a profound sense of grief reminiscent of the pain one feels from the loss of a cherished furry companion. I use the term “companion” deliberately, reflecting on the privilege I had in sharing my world with such a friend.

Scrapper introduces us to a dystopian city under the control of a faction named SMITE. The story revolves around a hound with a mysterious past, driven by pure intentions and possessing unexpected abilities. This narrative keeps readers on the edge, eager to turn each page. The first issue of any series is a challenging endeavor, introducing readers to a novel universe in just a handful of pages.

Yet, the combined prowess of Cliff “CliffyB” Bleszinski and Alex de Campi ensures a smooth introduction to Scrapper’s dystopian realm. The perspective of a dog and his animal companion offers a refreshing twist in a genre dominated by human superheroes. Sandy Jarrell’s artwork is the true showstopper, bringing vibrancy and fluidity to the panels—depicting the cityscapes and dark alleys. The animals, including Scrapper, Tank, and even the rats, are portrayed with such personality that they almost leap off the page. The colors breathe life into the bleak setting, and the action sequences are a visual treat. Together, this trio brings to life a gripping tale that seamlessly blends intense action with profound emotions.

Surprisingly, in such a bleak setting, the story isn’t drenched in violence. Instead, many panels use color to highlight the city’s neo-architecture, convey the heightened senses of a dog, or capture the warmth Scrapper feels around his human allies. Scrapper masterfully intertwines the tale of a lovable stray dog brought up by Italian restaurant owners with elements of cyberpunk, street gangs, drug cartels, and thrilling action.

I’ve always had a fondness for comics that offer a believable world, relatable protagonists, and enough twists to keep readers engaged. Bleszinski’s mention of children growing up with Paw Patrol resonated with me, making me ponder about their next animal inspirations. While I hope they explore classics like Call of the Wild and White Fang by my beloved childhood author, Jack London, it’s heartening to know that modern gems like Scrapper are available. I wholeheartedly recommend this to dog enthusiasts and comic aficionados alike.

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