Two New Things

This has been a great year for Geek Therapy and me personally. I did not update the site or the podcast for most of the year but Geek Therapy is something I think about EVERY DAY.

This year I started a new podcast called PsychTech, got to be on a panel with Mark Waid at San Diego Comic-Con(!), became a published author(!!), and was featured in Jane McGonigal’s new book Superbetter(!!!). Definitely a good year.

We’ve made a few changes at Geek Therapy and here is what we’re focusing on right now:

1) New Podcast Format

The plan is to tell feel-good stories about Geek culture. My hope is that each episode will cheer you up or make you love that thing you love even more. I discuss it more here.

2) New Resource Tool

I strongly believe that the things we read, watch, and play can sometimes express how we feel better that we ourselves are able to. I also believe that there is value in using that content to share your feelings or understand other people. So we’ve started developing a tool that should help you navigate a library of content that can help you express how you feel and maybe even learn a thing or two.

I’ll update here as we have more to report. In the meantime, let us know what you think!

– Josué

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