Geek Out at Trivia Nights: Scum And Villainy Cantina’s Ultimate Brain-Test

Author: Joe Di Gaetano

Indulge your inner geek at the nerdiest bar in town, the Scum And Villainy Cantina, in the heart of Hollywood. This past week, they hosted two back-to-back trivia nights, promising unforgettable evenings of intellectual fun.

The first trivia night, held on Tuesday, March 5th, 2019, was sponsored by The Adventure Effect and featured a Disney-themed trivia extravaganza. The second, hosted by Geeks Who Drink, unfolded on March 6th, 2019, offering an eclectic mix of trivia categories for all enthusiasts.

The set-up for both nights was the same. Teams, consisting of a maximum of six people, registered with the host and received numbered sheets for each round of questions. Once all teams were registered, the thrilling trivia face-off began. After each round, teams submitted their answer sheets for tallying. As the host revisited the questions and unveiled the answers, the Cantina echoed with cheers of victory, sighs of near misses, and whispers of surprise at unexpected answers. The competitive spirit was kept alive with score updates after each round, and the victorious team was rewarded with credit for their drinks at the Scum and Villainy Cantina.

The Adventure Effect’s Disney trivia night delved deep into the world of Disney. The questions ranged from naming straight-to-video Disney movies, characters, voice actors, and songs to trivia about attractions inside any of the Disney-themed parks. This night might pose a challenge if you’re not a big Disney fan, but if you fancy yourself a Disney aficionado, this monthly trivia night is a must-attend!

Geeks Who Drink held their general trivia night the following day, offering a rich potpourri of categories from history, sports, music, movies, TV, science, and even today’s hot-topic, politics. Adding to the fun was a double-point round, allowing teams to ramp up their scores in certain categories.

Ready to test your trivia prowess? Follow Scum and Villainy Cantina, The Adventure Effect, and Geeks Who Drink on Facebook for updates on their next trivia nights.

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