Welcome to the Geek Therapy Anniversary Space Shuttle!

By Gian Ramos

On June 24th we will be celebrating Geek Therapy’s 10th Anniversary and to celebrate this galactic achievement we want to create a space for you, the Geek Therapy Community, to hang, deliberate, and celebrate our diversity as a community. 

Think the Justice League’s Watchtower, but cooler because we’re real!  However, the platform for the Geek Therapy Anniversary Watchtower is a new platform we are experimenting with called Gather.Town, it’s a rather complex platform, but once you’ve gotten a taste of it, we are confident that you will understand why we chose this space to celebrate you and all the amazing people like you! 

In order to facilitate this onboarding process we decided to offer the Geek Therapy Anniversary Space Shuttle, consider it an intermediary location where you can hang and play with the mechanics of Gather.Town, as we pave the way to the grand unveiling of the Geek Therapy Watchtower!

What is Gather.Town?

If you are a fan of gathering spots and top-down pixel art games then you will love Gather.Town!  It is a virtual platform that allows for the building of virtual pixelated spaces in which players can navigate avatars to engage in friendly conversation.  The platform has been used as a tool to organize professional conferences, virtual classrooms and private parties, all from that pixelated top down perspective that gamers have come to know and love. Don’t take it from me, here’s a few videos I’ve found on the Internet showing how the platform works.

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